The Hearth ballroom is a cozy room with a gorgeous stone fireplace and direct access to the patio area. The large oak bar features etched mirrors and unique lighting. The room has a seating capacity of up to 275 guests with a minimum of 150 guests. The hearth room is known for guests enjoying the option of being able to sit on the patio and the tranquility of the outdoor gardens and waterfalls. The rustic atmosphere and relaxed ambience of the hearth ballroom are very appealing to guests, and has made the ballroom quite a popular venue.

The Hearth Ballroom Includes:

Capacity of 275 guests
Full service dinner and dessert
Beer, liquor and wine
Linens and décor
Stone fireplace
Direct access to patio

The Hearth Ballroom is an excellent venue for your wedding ceremony, reception, or other type of event. Our team is trained and experienced in event hosting, and we guarantee excellent service! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our event managers. Once we meet with you and discuss the event you are hoping to have, our team will be informed and prepared to help make your event exactly what you are hoping for! Refer to our Specials and Menus pages for more information on what The Grand offers! For further assistance, you may call or email us at any time. We would be delighted to give you more information on the unique Hearth Ballroom!

If you would like to host your special event in The Hearth Ballroom and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and outdoor access, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Everything was amazing! Food was great! Outside and inside was absolutely beautiful! Loved everything very happy! I had originally had a venue booked closer to home. But i went to a bridal expo being held at The Grand and fell in love with it. I decided that day to move my entire wedding, a month and a half prior to, 1.5 hours south to have it in the amazing venue. There are 3 different rooms to book based on the number of guests you will have. We were able to book the room that gave us outside access to the gardens. The room was great and didnt require tons of decor to make it beautiful. I also chose to have my wedding there outside in the gardens. It is absolutely beautiful and has flowers, a bridge, ponds, waterfalls, and a gorgeous gazebo to make your ceremony and pictures amazing. They provide all the food, and have an extensive menu to choose from as well as great bar packages. They even made an ice sculpture of the bride and groom. (its generic but i told my guests it was us lol). The staff was so friendly and very accommodating. They do give you all the rules right up front and as long as you follow them, there are no problems. If you do an outside wedding, take the later time, or you will have to remove your things from the bridal rooms so that the next bride can come in. All in all, it was so worth moving my wedding. And, half the price of where i was going to be originally. It truly became the wedding of my dreams!

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